A Puzzling Tour of India

Puzzling Tour_Front Cover_150 2016 marks the launch of a puzzle and activity book that I have worked on for a good six months or so. Each puzzle showcases a unique facet of Incredible India – its people, monuments, places, flora, and fauna. From the back cover – Take a bewildering trip through India that will have you winding your way through Assam’s tea estates, putting together a snake boat race in Kerala, and hunting for antiques at Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. Just don’t get lost along the way! An activity book for ages 6+, packed with mazes, hidden objects, and visual conundrums. More details can be found on the publisher, Yali Books’ site. 


Here are some of the puzzles!


Puzzle_ChorBazaar_Mumbai Puzzle_Jaipur Maharajah Puzzle_Kites_Ahmedabad Puzzle_Maze_Ahmedabad

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