Puzzling Tour_Front Cover_150A PUZZLING TOUR OF INDIA (Yali Books, 2016)

Take a bewildering trip through India that will have you winding your way through Assam’s tea estates, putting together a snake boat race in Kerala, and hunting for antiques at Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar. Just don’t get lost along the way!

An activity book for ages 6+, packed with mazes, hidden objects, and visual conundrums. ISBN: 978-0989061520


Front Cover_Jamboree_150_2

JAIPUR JAMBOREE (Yali Books, 2015)

In a lively sequel to Bye, Bye, Motabhai!, Pavan and Bijilee make their way to the beautiful city of Jaipur where they try to catch the eye of the very elusive Emir of Dubai. ISBN: 978-0989061513


Bye, Bye, Motabhai!

BYE, BYE, MOTABHAI! (Yali Books, 2013)

First in a series of books chronicling the hilarious misadventures of Pavan, an ambitious camel who breaks free from his life of drudgery to become a racing dromedary in Dubai. ISBN: 978-0989061506


The CaveTHE TIGER EATERS (Karadi Tales, 2012)

These four simple folktales from India are retold in simple prose and verse for very young children. These are a combination of trickster tales and friendship fables written by Samina Anim and Sayoni Basu, illustrated in light and friendly colours by Lavanya Karthik, Ambika Sambasivan, Archana Sreenivasan, and Manasi Lamba. ISBN 978-81-8190-260-3

TenTEN (Scholastic India, 2012)

Maya ‘Zico’ David just wants to play football … but she’s having a tough time. Her teacher makes her write lines, her parents are not getting along, her brother prefers hockey and her grandmother doesn’t believe girls should play football. Will Maya’s dream ever come true? ISBN: 9788184778205


ZIGZAG AND OTHER STORIES (Scholastic India, 2012)

This fabulous collection of ten stories by well-known children’s writer Asha Nehemiah will fill you with laughter, wonder and surprise. ISBN: 9788184778274