Book Four!

I am back after a long and utterly lovely summer break! This year, I had the opportunity to work on a second children’s book with Karadi Tales, a publishing house based in India. The book is titled ‘8563’, a mystery with four endings! Here is the official blurb.

” In 2009, Soumitra Ranade and Ruddradutt Ranade wrote a story called 8563 – but it was a story that could have multiple endings! So we threw open a contest for writers called “Will You Write With Me?” for writers from all over the country to come up with fresh and exciting endings for the story. Three winners of the contest, Sonali Arun Bhatia, Archana Rao D’Cruz and Mira Desai now present their endings along with the authors’ own in this unique book from Karadi Tales – a story with 4 possible endings! Illustrated in an avant-garde style in pen-and-ink by Ambika Sambasivan, this is a fun story for children and adults alike.”


I used India Ink on paper for the stylized artwork to create an atmosphere of suspense. Hope you like it! The book is slated for publication in 2013.

8563: One Story, Four Endings!

A Late Night Journey to Vajraghat

Mystery bookworm!

…followed the man to an abandoned mansion…

You have to believe me!

The Station Master’s Story

Whom will you meet on your next train journey?

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